About Us

VertomCory is a global port agency with diverse local knowledge and expertise that matches the demands of today’s shipping industry. Our versatile portfolio covers everything you need, from port agency and husbandry to logistics and worldwide hub services. We’ve got all aspects of your shipping needs covered under one roof.

VertomCory was established in 2021, when two leading agencies: Vertom (est. 1974) and Cory Brothers (est. 1842), joined forces after a decade of fruitful cooperation. We are committed to building lasting relationships based on loyalty and trust, resulting in mutual success. In 2023, we expanded our services by acquiring Monson, further strengthening our presence in the Asia Pacific region.

In a rapidly evolving and globalising shipping industry, VertomCory combines technological innovation with sustainability and dedication to deliver reliable and independent services to our customers – worldwide. We have a presence in the USA, across Europe, and in Asia Pacific, including Australia and New Zealand.

Our extensive industry expertise allows us to take responsibility for the challenges you face. A united forward-thinking mentality guarantees tailored solutions that suit the individual demands of our clients.

VertomCory is your trusted partner – wherever you need us.

Meet the Executive Team


Chief Executive Officer (CEO), VertomCory /
Group Managing Director,
Cory Brothers Limited


Chief Operations Officer (COO), VertomCory /
Group Managing Director,
Vertom Agencies B.V.


Chief Financial Officer (CFO), VertomCory /
Finance Director, 
Cory Brothers Limited


Group Legal Counsel and Company Secretary
Vertom B.V. / VertomCory

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