Shipping agencies join forces

Vertom Agencies Group B.V. and Cory Brothers Shipping Agency Ltd are proud to announce they have signed heads of agreement with the intention of forming a joint venture “VertomCory” which will formally complete in the coming months. The intent is for both parties to be strategic partners and shareholders committed to the partnership. This new development comes after nearly a decade of successful cooperation between the two companies. Both Vertom Group and Cory have built strong brands, with professional and personal dedication to their customers and are industry-leading in their own territories. Sharing complementary cultures and values, this alignment will create a broader platform with USA, Singapore and pan European coverage, allowing stronger organic & acquisitive growth. Fundamental to its success is both companies’ commitment to delivering excellent customer service, digital technology, structured compliance, and a healthy and safe working environment.

About us

As established maritime service leaders, Vertom & Cory Brothers have always provided reliability, innovation and tailored personal service. Vertom was established in 1974 (in Rotterdam) and has seen constant growth ever since. In the 1980s, the company expanded into in Belgium and started the liner service to the Caribbean. In the 1990s Vertom opened offices in the UK and in 2010 merged with Unity Beheer (UCS) B.V. Today, Vertom is still an independent company with family heritage. The name Vertom originates from our first vessel: MV Vera Tomson.

Cory Brothers was established in 1842. As a successful international maritime services leader, displaying constant innovation and adaptability, the respected business has provided continued success for its customers and stakeholders. With unrivalled longevity in its multi service provision and always future facing, Cory Brothers is today stronger than ever.

Having enjoyed years of successful partnership, this formal alignment of two successful and likeminded brands is another benefit to all customers and stakeholders. The combined services, skills and forward thinking will provide the platform for further growth and development at all locations.

Meet the Executive Team


Chief Executive Officer VertomCory /
Group Managing Director Cory Brothers Shipping Agency Limited

Maurice Lelieveld

Chief Operations Officer VertomCory /
Group Managing Director Vertom Agencies B.V.

Graham Wastell

Chief Commercial Officer VertomCory / Managing Director Silver Star Agencies B.V.


Chief Finance Officer VertomCory /
Finance Director Cory Brothers Shipping Agency Limited.

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