Hub Agency

Imagine having a shipping partner that acts like a colleague you can tap on the shoulder, ask
to help you out, and then they get it done for you. That’s VertomCory Hub Agency.

You can take advantage of our network for ships agency, chartering, financial services, maritime market research, protective agency, and more. Our team of specialists is here to make it easy for you wherever you need us, globally.

Trusted to provide maritime and ships agency services around the globe, VertomCory is relied on by vessel owners, charterers, technical managers, receivers, and other shipping agencies for the help they need, when they need it.

If it floats, we can handle it for you – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Principals served worldwide


Ship spares provided


Tonnes chartered


Vessels in technical management

*On average P.A.

Maritime Market Research

Be informed on the changing dynamic of the shipping world so that you can confidently make decisions and stay proactive, instead of reactive.

See global data on vessel movements, port activities, cargo movements, trade lanes, and charterers, in one digestible, easy to use report.

–  Vessel Movements
– Weather Updates

– Chartering activities
– Tailored Reports

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Maritime Market Research
Protective Agency

Protective Agency

Ensure that your interests are being looked after when you are not in control of the port arrangements, or operating in unfamiliar territory.

Our protective agents act on behalf of charterers and vessel owners like you, to guarantee that your port transactions are executed with integrity.

–  Vetted partnering ships agents
–  Disbursement checks

–  Statement of Fact (SOF) checks
–  Status reports

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Financial Services

Have your funds available to you, wherever in the world your crew need them. Even in challenging locations, we are here for you.

Remove the need to check your invoices for missing info, duplications, and other errors. We check your disbursements so that you don’t have to..

–  Multiple account management
–  Global CTM deliveries

–  U.K. centralised
–  PDA, SDA, and FDA checking

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Husbandry Services

Keep your crew and vessels supplied with what they need, when they need it. VertomCory like to make sure your ship and crew are cared for. You can rely on us for ship supplies, financial disbursement, and crew welfare around the globe. Our network of husbandry agents is at your disposal.

Available 24/7, our ships agents are here for you in emergencies, in port, offshore, or wherever else you need us. We work to keep your vessel on time.


–  Worldwide provision
–  Competitive rates
–  Available 24/7
–  Multiple grades provided

Crew Welfare

–  PCR tests                            
–  IGM tests                             
–  Emergency shore passes
–  Prescriptions

Ship Spares

–  Rapid provision
–  Available anywhere
–  Cost-effective
–  Experienced

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Customs Clearance

Experienced in global customs clearance for a multitude of industries, VertomCory are compliant, informed, and reliable.

Whether you need customs clearance for imports, exports, T1s, SERS, bonds, or processing relief, we are here for you.

–  Experienced
–  Compliant

–  AEO accredited
–  HMRC guaranteed

Contact us for more information on our customs clearance services. 

Vessel Technical Management

Free up your time by letting VertomCory manage your vessel for you. Our own fleet contains over 95 vessels, so we know exactly what you need.

Working with our extensive husbandry network, your vessel will be running efficiently, cost-effectively and on schedule. You can count on us.

–  Experience with all vessel sizes
–  Own vessels 

–  In house husbandry network
–  Available worldwide

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Hub Agency FAQs

How can charterers benefit from cargo shipping trends?

Cargo shipping trends help charterers identify business opportunities when their contracts are close to expiring. By knowing seasonal, or gradual, changes in cargo flows, charterers can lease and sell their space for the optimum amount of time, in the best areas, to capitalise on their space.

Cargo trends can also be used to plan for contingencies in the event that a crisis restricts their current operations and they need to pivot. Having the data available to them gives them the advantage over others who will need to ascertain this after the crisis begins, by which time the best opportunity has been seized.

VertomCory collect and distribute marketing data from around the globe. Contact us for more information.

Where do you use protective agents in shipping?

Protective agents are used by shipowners and charterers to supervise operations when they are not the arranging party. This is to ensure that any costs and transfers of liability are correctly processed so that the shipowner/charterer does not pay more than they need to.

Protective agents are familiar with the area of operation, the normal tariffs, and the relevant legal considerations, placing them on equal footing with the contracted parties. This understanding reduces the risk of corruption when a shipowner or charterer is operating in an area that they do not have a presence in.

Financial services may also be offered by protective agents, allowing for easier processing of funds to the relevant recipients through a single point of contact.

VertomCory provides protective agency and financial services for our principles around the globe. Contact us for more information today.