LINER Agency

Providing operational and marketing support around the globe, VertomCory LINER Agency
act as your representation when you do not have a physical presence in a country. 

You can take advantage of our expertise across all modes of transport, as well as documentation, surveying,
projects, decommissioning and customs compliance. We are here to help you expand your business.

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Experienced in LINER documentation requirements worldwide, VertomCory ensure that your doc keep you compliant, safe, and secure.

You can get any of the following LINER documentation through us:

– Master Bills of Lading (MBLs)
– Method Statements
– EUR1 Movement Certificates

– Dangerous Goods Notes
– Certificates of Origin (
–  Tracking Notes  

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Project Cargo

Project Cargo

Experienced, organised, and reliable, VertomCory’s worldwide network of of LINER agents are your go-to specialists when coordinating projects.

You can rely on us for transporting heavy cargo, shipping wind turbines, organising offshore construction, and more. We are here for you. 

– Available worldwide
– Air, road, and 
sea freight 

– Chartering services provided
– Documentation processing

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Risk Assessment / Method Statements

Employing best practices for health and safety worldwide, VertomCory work to protect your people and the environment during projects. 

If you need a qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable assessment of your project or decommissioning, we’ll help you put safety first.

– Knowledgeable
– Experienced

– Available worldwide
– Documentation experts

Contact us for more information on our risk assessment services.

LINER Agency Services

No matter what your type of cargo, we can provide you with LINER agency services.

You can rely on us for assistance with effectively marketing and operating for all types of movements:

Temperature Controlled

–  Reefer containers
–  Reefer tankers
–  Gen sets                     
–  Calibrations


–  Dry containers
–  Flat racks / Open tops
–  Tankers
–  Ro/Ro

Bulk / Break Bulk

–  Grains / Minerals
–  Project cargo
–  Drums / Contained
–  Liquid bulk cargos

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Customs Clearance

Available worldwide, the VertomCory network provides you with customs clearance specialists, wherever you need them.

Leveraging local agents knowledge of their countries’ customs processes, we manage your clearances with efficiency and compliance.

– Experienced
– Compliant

– AEO accredited
– HMRC guaranteed

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Tramp LINER Agency

When your vessel isn’t on a LINER schedule, you can still rely on VertomCory to facilitate your operations and marketing in port.

Leveraging our in-house charterers and market research teams, we’ll aim to provide you with more cargo going to your destination. 

– Available worldwide
– Documentation specialists

–  Chartering services provided
–  Supported by cargo flow data

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Tramp Liner Services

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We provide more than LINER agency services

LINER Agency


What types of cargoes can be loaded into a unitised container?

Shipping containers, tankers, and other units provide flexible options for many types of goods. Unitised cargoes include pallets, cartons, drums, IBCs, trays, and many other packaged goods. This capacity to carry a variety of goods in the same shipping container is what makes the efficiency of worldwide shipping.

For goods that require a greater level of flexibility when transporting, but can still benefit from the unitised handling process, there are specialised units such as open tops, flat racks, reefers.

VertomCory provide liner services for unitised cargoes throughout the globe. Contact us for more information.

Are all shipping containers the same size?

Shipping containers need to meet criteria from a regulatory body, such as ISO, UIC, TIR, or CSC, to be released for use. This criteria includes standard sizing.

Keeping container sizes the same has made shipping simpler for carriers across the world, allowing more efficient equipment control. This has resulted in better turnaround times, lower costs, and the flourishing of the economy.

VertomCory are experts in shipping services and can help you find the best container for your needs. Contact us for more information.

What is the difference between bulk and break-bulk cargo?

Bulk cargo refers to loose quantities and is measured in weight of volume. Examples of this are grains, minerals, or scrap.

Break-bulk refers to goods that are not loaded inside a unitised container, but are stored on the deck and can be given a count. Examples of break-bulk cargo are liquid drums, steel girders, or cable reels.

Bulk and break-bulk vessels come in 2 different varieties, geared and gearless. This refers to whether the vessel has a crane onboard to assist with the unloading. Geared vessels can call into most ports, but gearless require the port to have the necessary equipment to unload their cargo.

VertomCory provide liner services for unitised, specialised, bulk, and break-bulk cargoes around the globe. Contact us for more information.