Ships Agency

Available around the globe, VertomCory Ships Agency personnel provide everything that you need to keep your vessels operational and efficient – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Reliable, cost-effective, and experienced, our specialists are here to ensure that your port calls are managed with the precision you require, at the speed you need.

Trusted by charterers, owners, receivers, technical managers, and other shipping agents throughout continental Europe, the UK, Asia, New Zealand, and Australia, you can rely on us no matter what your cargo is, no matter which type of vessel is carrying it. If it floats, we do it.

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Port Call Management

Competitive and reliable, VertomCory facilitates everything from when your ship enters the port to the moment it leaves.

From store supply and delivery to vessel maintenance, you can rely on our ships agents to look after you and your crew 24 hours a day.

– Proactive
– Available around the clock

– Worldwide provision
– Experienced in all vessel types

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Available 24/7, 365 days a year, the VertomCory bunkering network has been grown over time with trusted partnerships around the globe.

Reliable and cost effective, we are here to provide your vessels with bunker fuels and freshwater, wherever and whenever you need them. 

– Worldwide provision
– Competitive rates

– Available 24/7
– Multiple grades supplied

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Cruise Servicing

Going above regular merchant husbandry requirements, VertomCory understand that you need more when it comes to cruise servicing. 

Give your crew and customers the attention they need. We know the reactive and demanding nature of cruise servicing, and are here for you.

– Rapid response
– Experienced

– Local networks
– Documentation experts

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Husbandry Services

Keep your crew and vessels supplied with what they need, when they need it. VertomCory like to make sure your ship and crew are cared for. You can rely on us for ship supplies, financial disbursement, and crew welfare around the globe. Our network of husbandry agents is at your disposal.

Available 24/7, our ships agents are here for you in emergencies, in port, offshore, or wherever else you need us. We work to keep your vessel on time.

Marine Spares

–  Rapid provision
–  Available anywhere
–  Cost-effective
–  Experienced


–  Launch services
–  Rapid response
–  Mobs / demobs
–  Chandlery

Crew Welfare

–  PCR tests                            
–  IGM tests                             
–  Emergency shore passes
–  Prescriptions

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Customs Clearance

You can trust that your customs clearance will be managed correctly. The VertomCory team process clearances for most freight, worldwide.

Have a single point of contact for all your procedures. We provide customs clearance for imports, exports, T1s, SERS, bonds, and more.


– Experienced
– AEO accredited

– Compliant
– HMRC guaranteed

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We provide more than ships agency services

HUB Agency
LINER Agency

Ships Agency FAQs

What is a ships husbandry agent?

A ships husbandry agent manages the supply of goods and provisions to a vessel whilst the vessel is in port. This agent acts on behalf of the vessel operator, leveraging their local network to efficiently source everything that the vessel and crew need.

Vessel operators and charterers who utilize ships husbandry agents often benefit from savings and the ability to better-stock a vessel due to the agents local connections. This is why a husbandry agent is a common partner for operators in each port.

VertomCory provide husbandry services in ports around the globe. Contact us for more information.

Why do charterers and vessel owners use ships agents?

Ships agency services relate to arrangements made during a vessel’s call in port. Charterers and vessel owners are not interacting with the port or local suppliers regularly, so they use local ships agents to source and manage everything for them.

Typical port agency services include, but are not limited to:
- Pilot sourcing.
- Port booking.
- Tug arrangement.
- Husbandry services.
- Financial services.
- Hospitality arrangements.
- Customs clearance.
- Medical appointments.

VertomCory provide ships agency services worldwide. Contact us for more information.