Environmental, Social & Governance

Passionate about our duty of care

“As the new custodians of 3 historic and respected shipping companies, VertomCory are determined to embody, uphold, and develop the values that brought our parent companies together.

Committed to global development and sustainability, we endeavour to provide our people, communities, and partners with the support, security, and wellbeing that drive prosperity.”

– Peter Wilson, Chief Executive Officer

What does ESG stand for?


Protecting the environment and reducing our contribution to climate change is a priority at VertomCory. As such, we are proactive in making the adjustments required to reduce our carbon footprint, and ensure that our resources are sustainably sourced and managed. In pursuit of a carbon-zero future, established staff are also supported in transition to EV vehicles.


Ensuring that everyone has equal opportunities, communities are supported, and our people are looked after are key goals for VertomCory. Our people are encouraged to develop and backed with the training they need. These efforts towards improving diversity, employee welfare, and local organisations have resulted in a happier, more productive VertomCory


Working towards equality in the workplace, rejecting donations and bribery, and avoiding lobbying are all important to the ethical management of VertomCory. The diversity and structure of our teams, our fair tax strategy, and the way we inform our government on current affairs are always assessed and adjusted to ensure that VertomCory maintain our morality.

Sustainable Development Goals

The 2030 Agenda, adopted by all UN member countries in 2015, was established to provide a blueprint for peaceful and prosperous planet.

At the center of the Agenda are the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs), which are designated areas for countries to take action towards improving environmental, social & governance practices around the globe, so that everyone can enjoy safety, security, and success for generations to come. 

VertomCory are committed to consistent, sustainable development through both the constant progression of our internal processes and our support of organisations that share our passion towards improving the welfare of people and the environment.

VertomCory ESG - Sustainable Development Goals